Submit an out-of-pocket expense report

You can easily create and submit expense reports for any out-of-pocket business expense. Status changes made by your Org Approver will be communicated via email and are also available on the Expenses page (access from the main navigation). You may review your out-of-pocket expense reports at any time by visiting the Expenses section.


Note: Out-of-pocket expenses are not reimbursed through Extend, but your Org’s Approver may mark a report as “Paid” to denote that the reimbursement has been processed through payroll or another system.

On Web: Creating & Submitting an Out-of-Pocket Expense

1. To create an out-of-pocket expense report from the Web app, first hover on the Create New menu and select Create expense report.

2. Name your expense report and select Create Report and Add Expense

3. After you name your expense report, you can begin adding your expenses. Enter the expense name, date of purchase, and amount spent. You may also upload a receipt or any supporting documentation and enter any notes up to 140 characters.

Note: Expense Name, Date of Purchase, and Amount Spent are required in order to submit your report. 

4. Once you’ve entered the expense details, you have two options:

a) To add additional expenses, select + Add Another Expense.Your expense will be saved, and you can enter the details of another expense in the fresh form that appears. You may add as many expenses to your report as you wish.

b) If you have no other expenses to add, select Save and Review. You will be taken to the Expense Report Details page for the expense report you created. 


5. From the Expense Report Details page, you have the option to add, modify or delete expenses before submitting your report. Once a report has been submitted, you will only be able to update the receipt attachments and notes. 

a) To add expenses, select  Add Expense at the top right of the report.

b) To edit an existing expense, select the > (caret) for the expense you wish to modify. Save your changes by selecting Update Expense.

c) To delete an existing expense, you have two options:

1. To delete an individual expense, select the > (caret) for the expense you wish to delete and select Delete to remove the expense from the report. 

2. To delete multiple expenses, select the checkboxes for the items you wish to delete and then select Delete

6. When you are ready to submit your expense report for review, select Submit Report in the upper right hand corner. A pop-up modal will appear and you can select Confirm. After submitting your  report, the status will automatically update to “Pending Review,” and your Org’s Approver will be alerted to review the new expense report.  


1. Who can use the out-of-pocket expenses feature?
Users must belong to an Org in Extend to create and manage out-of-pocket expense reports. Learn more about how to create an Org.

2. As a Submitter, can I add and edit my out-of-pocket expense reports from the mobile app?
Yes, you can manage out-of-pocket expense reports from both the mobile and Web apps.

3. How can users get updates on the status of their submitted reports?
The Submitter can view the real-time status of their report and will be notified via email and Notification Center any time the Approver modifies the status of their submitted report.

4. What happens if my expense report is rejected?
Your Approver can leave notes in your expense report to provide context on the rejection. At this time, you will need to create a new expense report if you need to make a correction to a rejected report.

5. What happens if an Org has not yet set an Approver?
Org members can still submit out-of-pocket expense reports. Once an Org Owner or Admin assigns an Approver for their Org, this user will have access to all submitted out-of-pocket-expense reports to review.

6. What happens to an expense report after an Org Member leaves their Org in Extend?
All submitted out-of-pocket expense reports will remain in the Expenses section if a user leaves an Org. If the user who left was the designated Approver, the Org Owner or Admin will need to assign a new Approver for their Org.


*Out-of-pocket expense management is not available through all issuers. If you're not sure if you have this feature, please contact customer support.