How do I add my virtual card to my mobile wallet?

To use mobile wallet, you must first download the mobile app and create an Extend profile. Even guest card recipients will need to create a profile (using the same email address with which they received the virtual card) before they can add the guest card to their mobile wallet.

After you're set up, you can easily push your virtual card to your mobile wallet in a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to the Extend mobile app.
  2. Go to Your Cards from the Home page or main navigation.
  3. Select the virtual card you would like to load to your mobile wallet.
  4. Under the card image, select the Add to Apple Wallet (for iOS) or Add to Google Pay (for Android) button.
  5. Follow the prompts to accept the Terms & Conditions and load your card to your wallet.

     iOS view                                                                       Android view

After completing, you should see the virtual card within your wallet app on your mobile device.

If you are having trouble, log out and try the steps once more. If the second try fails, please contact customer support

Note: Mobile wallet is only available through select bank partners.