What is a Card Approver?

The Owner or Admin(s) can assign a designated Card Approver in the organization to add a secondary layer of approval for all virtual card requests, updates and create actions. The Card Approver is responsible for reviewing and making the final approval decision on all card requests, updates and creations after they have gone through initial approval by another user. Their final approval determines if the card action is granted or not. 

Who can be a Card Approver?

The Card Approver can only be assigned to a user with an Admin or Owner role. 

What does the Card Approver have control over?

The Card Approver acts as a secondary layer of approval. They are only required to review requests that have already been approved by another user (a budget user or an RCN holder), requests that are made directly to them, or updates and card creations made directly by another user.

When the Virtual Card Approvals setting is enabled, the following actions will require final approval from the Approver:

  1. All virtual card creation requests 
  2. All virtual card update requests
  3. All virtual card updates*
  4. All virtual card creations*

Note: *These actions can be performed directly by a user who has access to a funding source. However, direct card updates or creations will still require final approval when the Card Approvals setting is enabled.

The Approver will be notified when they have an item that requires final approval via an email and in-app notification.