How do I enable the Virtual Card Approvals Workflow?

Enabling the Card Approval Workflow:

Note: only Owners and Admins can enable the Card Approvals setting and assign a Card Approver. 

  1. Select Organization Settings and navigate to the Business Rules section.

  2. Navigate to the Card Approvals tile. By default, this setting is disabled. Select Update.

  3. Under “Card Approver Rule” – switch the toggle to “ON”.
  4. Under “Card Approver” – select a user to be assigned as an Approver. Only users with an Owner or Admin role can be an Approver.
  5. You can choose to have the Card Approvals setting enabled only for card requests above a certain dollar amount by configuring the 'Required for Cards Over' value. By default, this value is $0 (every card request will require final approval by the Card Approver).
  6. Click “Save”
  7. All open pending requests will now require final approval by the selected Card Approver.