How are requests reviewed when the Virtual Card Approvals Workflow is enabled?

If the Card Approvals setting is enabled, when a user requests a card or a card update, they will not receive the card or any notification until the request has been approved by the designated Card Approver.


If you are not the Card Approver:

If a card or update has been requested from you, there will be an alert on the request details indicating that if the card limit is above the organization's threshold amount, it will require final approval from the Card Approver.

The organization threshold amount is a dollar value set by the Owner or Admin(s), and any card requests above that dollar amount will require final approval.

If the request is above the threshold dollar amount, it will automatically be sent to the Card Approver for final review after you have approved the request (If you reject the request, it will not be sent to the Card Approver).

Once you have approved a request, you can see the status of the card by clicking on "All Cards" and filtering for Pending cards.

When clicking into the card details, the status will be marked as 'Pending Final Approval' until the Card Approver has reviewed the request.



If you are the Card Approver:

As the Card Approver, you will receive requests if:

  1. A card create or update request has already been approved by another user and now requires final approval from you
  2. A user (with access to a funding source) created or updated a card directly 
  3. A user made a card request directly to you 


For (1) and (2), you will see these requests labeled as “Requires Final Approval” in your Pending Requests tab. For (3), these requests will appear as regular requests since they were made directly to you.


If you click into a request that requires final approval, you will not be able to modify any fields – you can only view the details and Approve or Reject the request. 



Viewing the virtual card history:

Any user can click on a virtual card history and see distinct events for when a card has gone through the Card Approvals workflow.

Until the Card Approver has reviewed the request, the status on the card history event will say "Pending" (if it is awaiting first approval from the user the card was requested from) or "Pending Final Approval" (if it is awaiting final approval from the Card Approver).

Once the Card Approver has reviewed the request, the status will be recorded as "Active."