Creating virtual cards

Create a virtual card for yourself or to send to others.


  1. Select the Create Virtual Card button
  2. Choose the card type you’d like to create
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address
  4. Name the card
    • Pro tip: make card names something helpful, like who or what it’s for, to help you quickly identify and understand charges later
  5. If you have registered multiple accounts with Extend, select the primary funding source
  6. Enter the desired credit limit
    • Virtual card credit limits ensure the card can’t be charged more than the allotted amount. Any credit line you issue to others will not be charged to your account until a purchase is made.
  7. Enter the Active-until date
    • This date determines when the card can be used but should not be confused with the expiration date used for making purchases.
  8. Optional: you can also choose to attach receipts or invoices, add notes, or tag the card with a custom reference fields

The card will be ready to use immediately! The recipient will receive a notification that their card is ready to use.

Note: You will only be able to see the last four digits of the cards you create for others.


Need to make a change?
Making a change to your virtual cards is easy. You can update the credit limit or active-until date at any time. Or your virtual card recipient can request an update from you.