The same way you send a virtual card to someone else, you can send a Budget too. 

Budgets are a great way to organize spending across teams, projects, clients, or other expense categories. You can even create a Budget for yourself to keep spending on track. 

Budgets also give team members the power to create their own virtual cards—allowing employees more flexibility to manage expenses under your purview. 



Creating a Budget:

  1. Click the blue button at the bottom of your home screen or go to Your Accounts and click “...” at the top
  2. Select Create Budget and choose the type of Budget you wish to create
  3. Standard budgets have a one-time set limit; you can also create a Budget with no limit
  4. Auto-refill budgets will replenish to the set limit at your desired frequency
  5. Enter the recipient’s email address (yourself or anyone else who needs to create virtual cards on your behalf)
  6. Name the Budget
  7. Select the card or account you’d like to create the Budget from
  8. Enter the desired credit limit and an optional active-until date (you can always change these details later)
  9. Hit Create Budget 


The limit you set will automatically be drawn down as the Budget owner creates new virtual cards, regardless of whether or not transactions have occurred on those virtual cards. Only one person can own a Budget and create virtual cards from it, however you can reassign a budget to another user at any time. 

Deleting a Budget

To delete a Budget, select it from your Accounts tab. Then select the ... menu in the top right and click Delete Budget. Any active virtual cards still active will be reassigned to the main account.


Note: Budgets are not available to every user based on your participating bank partner. If this feature is not available with your bank, it will not appear in your account.
To learn more, contact support.