How do I pay with my virtual card?

Once your virtual card request is approved by a primary account holder or budget owner it’s ready to use. Your virtual card can be used just like any other credit or debit card for online or in-app purchases, just click on the card to view the Card Number, Expiration Date, CVC, Billing Address, Zip Code, and Name on Card. Enter these into the billing info section when making your purchase and you’ll be good to go. 

Depending on your bank, you may also be able to push your virtual cards to your mobile wallet for use in-store. If available, tap the Add to Mobile Wallet button to add your card. Then when you’re at the register, either double-click the Power button (if FaceID is enabled) or enter your phone’s password to activate the card, then hold it near the reader to make your purchase.

Note: This feature is not yet available to everyone, contact support to learn more.