Integrate with Quickbooks

Connecting Extend and QuickBooks will save you hours of tedious manual data entry by automatically importing virtual card transactions and card metadata.

Your QuickBooks codes will automatically sync as options in Extend’s custom reference fields. This also enables you to tag your virtual cards with the correct GL codes and proactively reconcile transactions as they happen.

In addition to the reference fields, each cleared transaction will also import additional details like virtual cardholder name and notes from Extend.


Connect to QuickBooks:

Go to your Profile > Integrations section > select QuickBooks
  2. Log into QuickBooks 
and follow the prompts

Note: Only QuickBooks admins can complete this integration. If the Extend user does not have this role in QuickBooks, they can either contact Extend to assign reporting permissions on their account to the QuickBooks admin or have the QuickBooks admin log in for them on their Extend account.




How does it work?

1. Import your QuickBooks codes

Extend will capture your ‘GL accounts, ‘Class’, ‘Location’, and ‘Projects’ from QuickBooks and import these codes into Extend’s reference field options.  Now your Extend setup will match your QuickBooks setup.

2. New expenses will sync automatically

Every time you create a virtual card, tag it with the appropriate reference codes to ensure every transaction on that card will be properly tagged in QuickBooks. Transactions are sent to QuickBooks once they have cleared, and the QuickBooks logo will appear next to transactions once they’ve been successfully imported into QuickBooks. 


What version of QuickBooks is supported?

Extend supports an integration with QuickBooks Online.


What data will be populated in QuickBooks?

Each cleared transaction will include:

  • Transaction date, amount, and merchant
  • Virtual card name, cardholder name, and any notes
  • Any reference code that you have added to the virtual card


What data does not get imported?

Currently, the integration does not support importing attachments associated with a transaction.


What if I already have an integration with QuickBooks and my card issuer?

If you currently have an integration with your primary account, please contact support to reconfigure this integration and avoid creating duplicates. You will still be able to see your primary card transactions, and you will also be able to import additional virtual card data. 


What if I need to make a change to an Extend transaction?

Once a transaction has been sent to QuickBooks, any updates to a transaction’s reference field in Extend will not be reflected in QuickBooks.  Updates must be made directly in QuickBooks.


What if I make a change to my QuickBooks codes?

Changes to your QuickBooks GL accounts, classes, locations, and projects will be reflected in Extend within 24 hours.


Who can integrate with QuickBooks?

Any user who has registered their credit card in Extend can connect to QuickBooks. If someone else at the company is the QuickBooks admin, that person can be assigned a reporting role in Extend to set up the integration on your behalf.


Is connecting to my account secure?

Yes, it’s secure. Users must verify their profiles by logging in to both their QuickBooks and Extend accounts, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypts the data transfer.


Is there an additional cost?

Not at all!