Create your first virtual card

The best way to get started is to try creating a virtual card for yourself. You can create as many cards as you need*, and send them to team members, contractors, vendors, or anyone who needs to charge a business expense.


Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Select the Create Virtual Card button
  2. Choose the card type you’d like to create (let’s start with a standard card)
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address. (in this case, enter your own email address—the same one you use to log in to Extend)
  4. Card name
    • pro tip: make card names something helpful, like who or what it’s for, to help you quickly identify and understand charges later
  5. Enter the desired credit limit and active-until date (you can always change these details later)
  6. Optional: you can also choose to attach receipts or invoices, add notes, or tag the card with a custom reference code
  7. Your card will be ready to use immediately!

Card recipients will receive a notification that their card is ready and, as they use the virtual card, you will receive notifications of their transaction activity in real-time.


Note: you will only be able to see the last 4 digits of the virtual card numbers you send to others.


*Some bank issuers have limits on the number of virtual cards you can create. If you need more cards, please contact support.