Integrate with Expensify

Connect Extend to Expensify for a more efficient expense process and even allow employees to expense their virtual card purchases.


To integrate with Expensify:

  1. Setup an Admin-level Expensify Account:
    Create a dedicated Expensify login with an email address. You don’t want to use a single person’s email address for this, as multiple people may need access. Assign this new Expensify account both the Domain and Policy Admin roles. 
  2. Request Advanced Functionality from Expensify:
    From this admin email that you’ve set up, send an email to Expensify at to grant you access to their “Expense Creator API”, which will allow you to send transactions from Extend to your Expensify account. You can insert this into your email:

    I'm writing to to request that I am given access to the Expense Creator API for  []. I can confirm that I am a domain admin on the verified domain. This is in line with the process outlined by Ted Harris on the Expensify Community here and here. I acknowledge this will give me full access to create cash- type expenses for all domain members.Please have your engineering team whitelist my account to create expenses for these domain members in the next 5 working days

    NOTE: It is critical to complete Step 2 because the “employeeEmail” parameter (which provides the ability to push a transaction to a specific user account) in Expensify is only available when advanced permissions are turned on. Failure to perform or complete this step could result in card transactions not being pushed into Expensify, or pushed to the wrong user accounts.

  3. Log in to Expensify and copy the 2 required codes:
    Log in using your admin account, navigate to and capture both the “partnerUserId” and “partnerUserSecret.”
  4. Enter codes into Extend: In Extend, Navigate to Profile > Select integrations > select Connect to Expensify and then enter the partnerUserId, partnerUserSecret, and the admin email address.

Once all these steps are completed, any NEW virtual card transactions that clear will be populated in Expensify one hour after clearing.


Expensing non-employee transactions

If you send a virtual card to a freelancer, interviewee, or customer, any transaction they make will populate in the Account or Budget Owner’s Expensify Account to expense on their behalf. The recipient’s information will populate in the comments field in Expensify.