General support questions

How do I connect my credit card with Extend?

To connect an existing credit card to Extend, you’ll need to have an account with one of our participating bank partners. To learn more and get started contact support.

Why is my card still pending registration?

If you have connected a credit card to Extend and it’s still pending registration, you may need to complete the enrollment process through your bank by verifying your account. Check your inbox for a verification email from your card issuer, or contact support and we’ll help you from there.

I haven't received the verification email from my credit card issuer

If you are trying to self-register and have not received the verification email to complete your enrollment, please:

  • Ensure that you have already set up an online account with your credit card issuer.
  • Confirm that your online account uses the same email address as your Extend account.

If you are the primary account holder and need help verifying your account, contact support.

Why can't I see virtual card numbers?
If you have created a virtual card for someone else, you will only be able to see the last four digits of their card number. For security purposes, we only expose the full virtual card number to the designated recipient.
What do I do if there's fraud on a virtual card?
If you experience any fraudulent activity on a virtual card, immediately deactivate that virtual card and contact your bank.
Why is my virtual card being declined?

There are several reasons why a virtual card might be declined. 

  • Does the virtual card have enough of a balance to cover the transaction?
  • Has the virtual card passed its “active-until” date?
  • Has the virtual card passed the EXP date?
  • Has the primary account hit its credit limit?
  • Are you using the correct CVC or EXP date to complete the transaction?
If you’re still having issues, you can try creating a new virtual card or contact support.
Do refunds appear on the virtual card?
Depending on your bank, refunds may appear on your virtual card. Because not all of our participating bank partners provide this data, if you are expecting a refund, be sure to check with your bank if you do not see it in Extend.
What's the difference between expiration date and active-until date?
  • The Card network provides the expiration date at the time the virtual card is created. It is used in combination with the virtual card number and security code to verify the validity of your virtual card and to authorize a transaction. It cannot be changed.
  • The active-until date is defined by the account holder in Extend. It is a flexible date that determines when the virtual card they sent will deactivate. It can be changed at any time.
What happens to pending transactions when a card has reached its limit, is deactivated, past active date?
Once a virtual card has reached its credit limit, it will simply be declined. If a card reaches its active-until date, it will become inactive and any future transactions will be declined. However, you can reactivate a virtual card at any time by increasing its spending limit or extending its active-until date.
Can I use my virtual card in my mobile wallet?
Currently, only some of our participating bank partners support virtual cards in mobile wallets. Contact support to learn more about this feature.
What happens if I send an recurring card to someone in a different timezone?

For virtual cards and budgets, recurring times and active-until dates will apply to the time zone of the recipient. Note that if you have sent a virtual card or guest access card to someone who does not have an Extend account, the recurring time and active-until date will be based on your time zone.