Custom reference fields

Reference codes allow you to tag virtual cards and transactions with the proper accounting codes to make reporting and reconciliation seamless.


Important note: if you plan on integrating with QuickBooks, your QuickBooks codes will be imported into Extend for you. Any reference codes you create beforehand will be wiped and replaced. Learn more about integrating with QuickBooks [hyperlink]


Reference codes are set up on an account, so if you have more than one credit card or account, you will need to do this for all of them.



Setting up reference codes: (available on web only): 

    1. On Your Accounts tab, select the card or account you wish to add references to
    2. Select the Account Settings tab
    3. In the References section, select Add field to create a new reference category
      • Add your Reference Label and Reference Code 
      • The Reference Label will appear in Extend to user
    4. The Reference Code is what will appear in the downloadable .CSV file, but can also be used to search transactions in Extend
    5. Within your new reference category, you can add multiple reference options
      • Free Text fields allow users to enter their own at the time of creating or updating a virtual card
    6. Save your changes. Your new reference fields will appear as options the next time you create a virtual card

Assigning references on virtual cards

Any reference fields assigned to virtual cards will automatically carry over to all transactions made with those cards. References can be changed on individual transactions; however, if you integrate with QuickBooks or Expensify, changes you make to transactions in Extend will not appear in QuickBooks or Expensify.) 


Additional notes:

  • Any Budget created will have the same reference field options created for the primary card or account
  • Once a reference is created, you can change the “field” name anytime but you cannot edit the “code”
  • You can mark any fields as required ensuring all virtual cards are assigned a code if necessary
  • You can create as many fields or options as needed