Create your Organization

Creating an Organization gives you one place to view and manage spending on company cards registered in Extend.

With an Organization, you can assign and manage roles to control what a user can see or do in Extend.


Why create an Organization?
When you set up your Organization – or “Org” – in Extend, you can:

  • View all virtual card spending activity across your Org
  • Assign roles with specific permissions for greater flexibility

Who should create an Org? 

The user who is your company’s card program administrator and who will manage your company’s use of Extend should set up the Organization. This designates them as the Org Owner. There can only be one Org Owner in an Organization

How do I set up an Org?

You can set up an Org when you create your Extend profile or at any time from the Home page. Select Set up organization in the “Oversee your Organization” section on the right side of the Home page, which will guide you through the Org setup.

After the initial setup, the Org Owner can invite people from their company to join their Org on Extend. All members of an Org are visible to one another, which makes creating and requesting virtual cards even more seamless.

The Org Owner can also view and manage all accounts and sub-accounts (virtual cards and Budgets) across their Org.


The Org Owner, Admin, and Bookkeeper can view their account and those of other Org Members.

The Org Owner can also choose to assign Admin and Bookkeeper roles to certain individuals within their Org who require more access and control around company card spend. Learn more about assigning roles in Extend.