Creating and Updating Receipt Rules



Receipt Rules allow you to manage receipt compliance across your entire company. They also ensure that all members of your org are aware of your company policy on receipt documentation and have a centralized place to easily supply finance teams with required receipts.

To set a Receipt Rule, you must be in an Organization (or "Org"). Only the Org Owner or Admin can configure your org’s Receipt Rules.


Setting up Receipt Rules

Easily configure your org’s Receipt Rules with the following criteria: 1) start date for the receipt rule policy, 2) the minimum transaction amount, and 3) the applicable card types.


How to create Receipt Rules:

1. Click the "Manage Organization" drop-down menu from the Home page and select "Organization Info."

2. Scroll to the Receipt Rules section.

3. Select the update / pencil icon to edit your org’s Receipt Rule. Alternately, you can select “Receipt Rule” from the Receipt Tools drop-down menu on the Transactions page.

3. Enable the receipt rule by toggling the switch from Off to On.

4. Below the toggle, apply the criteria for your desired receipt rule.

5. After configuring your criteria, save your Receipt Rule.

6. The Receipt Rule will now be reflected on the Manage Org screen and clearly labeled at the top of the Transactions page.

Note: Receipt Rules can be created or modified at any time.


Receipt Rules criteria

  • Date Picker allows you to indicate when you want the receipt rule to go into effect. Extend will automatically default to the current day, but you can retroactively apply receipt rules to previous transactions by using the date picker to select a historical date.


  • Minimum Transaction Threshold allows you to set the minimum transaction amount that requires a receipt attachment. For example, if your company policy requires receipts for transactions at or greater than $100, you would enter $100.

    Note: If you want to apply a Receipt Rule to all transactions, regardless of the amount, you should enter a value of $0.

  • Card Types allow you to indicate which card types should require a receipt attachment. You may select one or multiple card types to align with your company expense policy.


Communicating Receipt Rules

When Receipt Rules are created or modified, all members of the org will receive an email and notification in their Notification Center to alert them of the new or modified rule.


Once Receipt Rules have been enabled, all applicable transactions from the Receipt Rule start date will be automatically reviewed to ensure compliance.

You can remind org members to attach their missing receipts using the Receipt Reminder tool.

Extend will visually call attention to the receipt status of all transactions, allowing you to quickly view which transactions are missing required receipt attachments.


Gray Receipt Icon: Any Transaction that has a receipt attached will display a gray receipt icon, regardless of whether or not a receipt is required

Red Receipt Icon: Any transaction that requires a receipt but does not have one attached will display a red receipt icon.



  1. Who can create and manage Receipt Rules within an Organization?
    Org Owners and Admins can create and manage their org’s receipt rules.

  2. Can I create Receipt Rules if I am not in an Organization?
    Receipt rules are created at the Organization level. If you are not in an Org, you will be prompted to set one up before you can create receipt rules. Your corporate card program administrator should be the one to set up your company’s org. Setting up an Org is easy — it only requires you to enter your legal company name and industry.

  3. What happens when I create Receipt Rules?
    When you create or update your org’s Receipt Rules, a notification is sent to everyone in your org via email and their Extend Notification Center

  4. How often can I change my Organization’s receipt rules?
    Org Owners or Admins can make changes to their org’s Receipt Rules as often as they like. All org members will be alerted about receipt rule changes via email and in the Notification Center.

  5. Do Receipt Rules apply to Guest Access card recipients?
    No, Receipt Rules do not apply to Guest Access cards.

  6. Can I apply my org’s Receipt Rules to physical card transactions in the Extend app?
    Yes, you can enable receipt rules for physical card transactions in the Extend app.
    Note: Viewing physical card transactions in Extend is only available to select Issuers.