Send receipt reminders


A receipt reminder is a useful tool for finance teams to help employees maintain compliance with receipt documentation policy.

Org Owners, Admins, and Bookkeepers can quickly remind their org members to include missing receipts for all transactions required by the receipt rules.

How to send a receipt reminder:

1. Select the “Receipt Tools” drop-down menu on the Expenses Page and choose “Receipt Reminder” from the menu options.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 1.51.31 PM.png

2. Next, you’ll see a pop-up message with the number of members in your org who will receive the reminder. Click “Send Receipt Reminder” to send the reminder.

Screen_Shot_2022-11-29_at_8.46.04_AM.pngUsers will receive one email alerting them of any and all transactions requiring receipts. They will also see a notification center alert in Extend.

They can click the link to be directed to a pre-filtered list of transactions missing required receipts. Users can then quickly and easily upload those outstanding receipts.


Note: Extend will only deliver one receipt reminder per user in a 24-hour period.



  1. Who can send receipt reminders?
    Org Owners, Admins, and Bookkeepers can send a bulk reminder to all users in their Org who are missing required receipts. Users with multiple missing receipts will only receive one email.

  2. How frequently can I send a receipt reminder?
    You can send one receipt reminder in a 24-hour period. If it has been fewer than 24 hours since a receipt reminder was sent, there will be a countdown to let you know when you can send the next receipt reminder.

  3. Who will receive a receipt reminder?
    Any user with cleared transactions that are missing receipts based on your org’s receipt rules will receive a receipt reminder.

  4. Where do users receive their receipt reminders?
    Users will receive reminders via email and in the Notification Center in Extend. Receipt reminders include a link to a pre-filtered list of users’ transactions that are missing receipts.