Request an update to a virtual card


After receiving a virtual card, you can request an update at any time in order to increase your spending ability.

Request an update to your virtual card

You can request an update to your virtual card directly from the Virtual Card details page in Extend. 

1. From the Your Cards tab under Virtual Cards, select the virtual card for which you wish to request an update. This will bring you to the Virtual Card Overview page, where you can find more information about that virtual card.

3. Click on the Request Update button.

4. From the form, you can enter the virtual card details you would like to be updated, including:

     a. Card type
     b. Card name
     c. Credit limit
     d. Active until date 

5. If you’d like, you can add notes or attachments that may be helpful in approving your request.

6. Select Request Update to submit your requested changes.


After you submit your request, it will be routed to the virtual card creator for review.  You'll be notified via email and in the notification center if your request is approved or declined. If approved, the updates will be made immediately. To learn more about approving update requests, see Approving Virtual Card Requests.