Virtual card spend controls


Spend controls on virtual cards give you the ability to ensure that funds are spent according to your preferences and security requirements. You can configure spend controls when creating or updating a virtual card. 

Spend controls on virtual cards include:

  • Credit Limit: The credit limit is the maximum amount of money you want to allow the recipient of the virtual card to spend. 
  • Exact Pay: If applied to a virtual card, this will limit the card to one transaction authorization only, for the exact amount of the credit limit. 
  • Active Until Date: The Active Until Date allows you to set the timeframe in which the card can be used. This should not be confused with the expiration date used for making purchases.
  • Frequency: When issuing a recurring virtual card, you can choose a recurring frequency. This will reset the card’s credit limit to the original balance daily, monthly, or yearly.

See How do I create a virtual card and types of virtual cards to learn more about how to apply spend controls to manage spend.