Deactivate and reactivate virtual cards

You can deactivate and reactivate virtual cards as needed—essentially allowing you to turn them on and off.

This is an easy way to manage subscriptions or control payments with vendors.

To deactivate a card:

  • Select the virtual card you want to deactivate
  • On the card details screen, click the “...” menu and select Deactivate Virtual Card
  • Select Deactivate to confirm. Pending transactions that have already been authorized will clear and any future transactions will be declined.

To reactivate a card:

  • Select the inactive card you want to reactivate from the Inactive tab on your virtual cards overview list
  • Click Update Virtual Card
  • You must make a change to the card limit or active-until date in order to submit the request and reactivate the card
  • Confirm your updated details and hit Request Update to reactivate the card

Note: If you are the card or budget owner, the card will immediately reactivate; if you are requesting this update from someone else, they will need to approve your request first.