Types of virtual cards


Extend gives you the ability to create virtual credit cards for anyone who needs to charge a business expense including team members, contractors, vendors, or yourself. There are three different types of virtual cards you can create in Extend: Standard, Recurring, and Guest. 


Standard card

This card can be used for regular spending needs. It can be used up to its set credit limit and will deactivate once the Active Until Date has passed, both of which can be updated at any time by the card creator. For information on creating a Standard virtual card see the Create virtual cards article.

Note: For select issuers, when creating a Standard virtual card, you can elect to make it an Exact Pay card. This means that the virtual card can only be used once, for the exact amount of the credit limit.


Recurring card

This card is useful for monthly subscription payments, recurring vendor charges, or managing employee spending every day, week, or month. Recurring cards allow you to set a credit limit and daily, weekly or monthly replenishment frequency. A recurring card will automatically reset the card limit based on the selected frequency. You can update the credit limit, Active Until date or frequency at any time. For information on creating a recurring card, see the Create virtual cards article.


Guest card

This card is designed for anyone outside of your organization in Extend. They are ideal for vendors and contractors, or people who need to make business payments but don’t work at your company. An Extend user account is not required for Guest Card recipients. Recipients receive an email with a secure link to their card details so that they can use the card right away. For information on creating a guest card, see the Create virtual cards article.

Note: Standard and recurring virtual cards can only be shared with members of your organization.