Virtual card history


Owners, Admins, and Bookkeepers can view the history of any virtual card through the Extend web and mobile apps. Virtual card recipients can view the history of any virtual card that was sent to them.

Viewing virtual card history

You can view the history of a virtual card from the Virtual Card History tab.

1. Go to the Virtual Cards page.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 2.47.20 PM.png

2. Click on the virtual card you want to view. This will bring you to the Virtual Card Overview page, where you can find more information about that virtual card.
Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 2.47.49 PM.png

3. Scroll to the Recent Activity section and select the History tab. 

From the virtual card History Tab, users can see: 

  • When the virtual card was requested and if the request was approved
  • Name of the user who created the virtual card
  • Date the virtual card was created
  • Name of the virtual card recipient 
  • The original and any updated spend control settings including the credit limit and active until date
  • Supplementary notes
  • Any requested updates to the virtual card and if the requested updates were approved
  • Automated resets (if the card type is recurring)
  • When the virtual card was made inactive