How do I request a budget?


A budget is a tool to allocate and organize virtual card spend for different teams, projects, locations, clients, events, or other expense categories. You can request a budget from anyone in your organization with a registered card so that you can create your own virtual cards within the budget limit.

To Request a Budget:

1. Click on the Create New button and select Request a budget.
Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 1.53.51 PM.png


2. Choose the budget type you’d like to request. See budget types to learn more. 


3. On the form, enter the following:

    • Request from: person from whom you are requesting the budget.
    • Budget name: Choose a name that will help you easily identify the budget. Note the name of the budget is visible to the requestor, Owners, Admins and Bookkeepers.
    • Credit limit: This is how much can be used to generate virtual cards.
    • Active until date: This date signifies when the budget will no longer be available for use for creating or updating virtual cards.
    • Not required: Notes and Attachments (potentially helpful for approving your request)


4. Select the Request Virtual Budget button. 


You'll be notified via email and in the notification center if your request is approved or declined. If approved, you’ll have immediate access to your new budget and can start making virtual cards right away. To learn more about creating virtual cards, see How do I create virtual cards?