Create virtual cards in bulk


Extend gives you the ability to create virtual credit cards for anyone who needs to charge a business expense including team members, contractors, vendors, or yourself. You can create virtual cards one at a time, or in bulk (up to 100 cards!) using the “Create in bulk (CSV)” option.

Note: The bulk creation option is only available from your laptop/desktop and in order to create virtual cards, you must first either have a Registered Account or a Budget.

To create virtual cards in bulk:

1. Click on the Create New button and select Create in bulk (CSV).

2. Select the funding source you would like to create your cards from.

Screenshot 2024-04-28 at 2.57.57 PM.png

3. Use the download template dropdown to select the option for the type of virtual cards you would like to create. 
Note: You can create standard virtual cards, recurring cards, and guest cards in bulk. You can learn more about different types of virtual cards here.

4. Download and open the template. The template will open as an XLSX file—best viewed in Excel or Google Sheets. When you open the file, you will see the first row has been populated with sample data. Fill out the fields provided within each template and save the file as a CSV.
Note: Recipients must already be in your org in order to receive standard or recurring cards.

5. Once you have saved your CSV file, you can “drag & drop” it into the file upload space or use the Select File Upload button to upload.



6. Select Create Virtual Cards. A progress banner will appear to let you know your virtual cards are being generated. Once they have been sent to your recipients, you will receive a confirmation email.