Manage your organization settings


As an Org Owner, Admin, or Bookkeeper, you can manage your company’s org settings, which include Expense Categories, Business Rules and Org Info. You can get to the Org Settings page from the “Manage Organization” dropdown on the home page.

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Expense Categories

Expense categories enable your users in your org to tag virtual cards and transactions with corresponding accounting codes. 

To learn more, see our article on Creating and managing expense categories

Business Rules

From Business Rules, you can set Receipt Rules to manage receipt attachment compliance and Out-of-Pocket Expense approvers to manage reimbursement submissions. To learn more see our articles on Creating and updating receipt rules, Submitting an out-of-pocket expense report,  and Approving an out-of-pocket expense report



Organization info

View your current org members, invite more to join, and edit your org’s name and industry from the “Organization Info” tab. To learn more see, Invite your team.